ACTS Center Classes

ACTS Center Introduction
Section 1: Strategy Development
Session 1 – How to use and understand demographics.
How to build a bridge to the community.
Session 2 – Mission/Vision/Core Values – Developing a Prospectus
Session 3 – How to establish an Evangelism/Discipleship Strategy.
New Members’ Class
Session 4 – How to engage and start a conversation with a lost person. How to share Christ with a non-believer.
Session 5 – How to pray with someone to receive Christ. Follow up with a new believer.
Session 6 – How to develop a matrix for Spiritual growth. How do I know I am growing Spiritually?
Section 2: Church Administration / Leadership Development
Session 1 – Developing church governance and leadership structure.
Session 2 – How to build strong staff relationships and teams. How to maintain ongoing non-negotiable training and sharpening.
Session 3 – How to develop a church budget/Financial Planning and spending/Monthly reports/Conduct and lead business meetings
Session 4 – Coaching and Mentoring 101.
Session 5 – Setting Realistic Goals/Long-Range Planning and Management
Section 3: Worship Experience
Session 1 – How to keep “Big Picture Thinking.”
How to keep focus by remembering:
* Everything speaks
* Every Sunday is someone’s first Sunday
* Excellence must be the standard
How to handle church funds and requests for donations. (Tithes and Offerings)
Session 2 – Understanding Worship. How to develop an order of service. How to keep music and sermon in harmony.
(Audio begins at 1:13)
(Audio begins at 1:13)
Session 3 – Hermeneutics. How to examine the Biblical text.
Session 4 – How to preach with strategic application. Delivering a sermon with a point.
Session 5 – How to preach to lead your church to vision development.
Session 6 – How to preach funerals, weddings, and the ordinances (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper).
Section 4: Pastoral Care Competencies
Session 2 – Self-aware as a leader/Minister with a servant’s heart (Identity) / How to maintain a powerful prayer life in leadership (Soul Care).
Session 3 – How to counsel for death and dying. Hospital Visitation – Introduction: Power, Love, and Miracles.
Session 4 – Pastoral Counseling. Knowing when to refer to a professional counselor. How to respect confidentiality. How to recognize child abuse.
Session 6 – Finding Ministry space. Managing after-launch expectations.
Section 5: Core Group Development and Church Launch
Session 1 – How to build a “core group.” Essential Team Leaders
Session 2 – Social Media and Website Building
Session 3 – Ministry Safe Awareness
Session 4 – How to develop Church Constitution and By-Laws and Procedures manual.
Session 5 – Finding Ministry Space After Launch
(Audio begins at 2:24)
(Audio begins at 2:24)
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